Taliban attack ISIL hideout in Afghanistan’s Parwan prov.

The Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi told the Associated Press that the Taliban has attacked an ISIL hideout in an area north of Kabul.

The city of Charikar in Parwan province of Afghanistan has been announced as the exact location of the attack. However, the details of this action are not available.

According to Karimi, the move came after the Taliban arrested two members of the ISIL terrorist group in connection with a roadside bomb that injured four Taliban members.

During the interrogation of these two ISIL members, the hideout of a number of other ISIL members was discovered and attacked by the Taliban.

Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, ISIL has also launched attacks in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar.

ISIL also carried out a suicide attack at Kabul airport a few days before the completion of the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.


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