Asghar Badshah, 39, from Bradford, was taken from Mayo Road in the early hours of 30 November.

His body was found a month later, on 29 December, in a disused building on Commercial Street in Batley.

West Yorkshire Police said two men and two women arrested on Thursday were due to appear before magistrates in Leeds later.

They are:

Qaisar Shah, 36, from Mayo Crescent, Bradford - charged with murder, conspiracy to kidnap and conspiracy to possess criminal property

Sabbah Shahmuradi, 36, from French Wells, Woking - charged with murder and conspiracy to kidnap

Sobia Syed, 37, from Henna Close, Bradford - charged with conspiracy to possess criminal property

Zaban Syed, 60, from Mayo Road, Bradford - charged with conspiracy to possess criminal property.

Det Ch Insp Heather Whoriskey said: "A major policing investigation has been under way into Mr Badshah's kidnap and murder since 2019.

"We are continuing to follow a number of active lines of enquiry in what has been a long-running and complex case."Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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