Covid-19 update: 208 deaths, 11,873 new cases in past 24 hrs

According to the latest figures by the Iranian health officials on Tuesday, 208 Iranians died from coronavirus, bringing the total death toll to 79,056 people while 11,873 new cases of hospitalizations were reported.

A total of 2,855,396 cases have been detected with Covid-19 so far, according to the Health Ministry statement today, while 2,362,428 have recovered from the disease so far.

Furthermore, 4,695 people are being treated in Intensive Care Units in hospitals across the country.

According to the statement, as many as 2,675,594 have received the first doses of the anti-coronavirus vaccine as of today, while 470,468 have been injected with the second dose of the vaccine.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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