Azizi Khadem elected as head of Iran Football Federation

The IRIFF Electoral General Assembly was held today in Tehran as four candidates ran for the presidency of the body almost one year after former chief Mehdi Taj handed in his resignation.

Mostafa Ajorloo, Ali Karimi, Koiumars Hashemi, and Shahabeddin Azizi Khadem were the four candidates for the presidency’s seat.

The Assembly is comprised of 87 people. None of the candidates won the required 50%+1 votes in the first round but Aziz Khadem and Hashemi advanced to the next round of the election with 35 and 24 votes respectively while Ajorloo and Karimi gained 18 and 9 votes.

In the second round, Aziz Khadem won 49 votes and hence the presidency while Hashemi received 38. Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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