Iran to produce, export COVID-19 vaccine early next year

Speaking with FNA correspondent on the sidelines of his meeting with the sources of religious emulation on Friday, Iranian Health Minister Dr. Saeed Namaki reiterated that Islamic Republic of Iran will be turned into one of the major producers and exporters of coronavirus vaccine in early months of next Iranian calendar year.

Turning to the coronavirus-related medicines and equipment, he said that the country is moving towards attaining self-sufficiency in this regard and is pursuing to export relevant products overseas.

Giant steps have been taken in the ministry in the field of containing the deadly disease across the country, he said and seized this opportunity to express his thanks to clergymen especially Leader of the Islamic Revolution whose recommendations were very valuable and precious in guiding all walks of life to observe health protocols and guidelines during the pandemic.

On the occasion of birth anniversary of Imam Ali (PBUH), the Ministry of Health and Medical embarked on vaccinating the elderly in Kahrizah Nursing Home, he emphasized.

Islamic Republic of Iran started vaccinating the target and vulnerable groups using the vaccines imported into the country, he said, reiterating, “Accordingly, Islamic Republic of Iran will be turned into one of the major producer and exporters of COVID-19 vaccine in early months of next year.”Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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