Man, 52, arrested for groping medic goes free after CCTV shows he was ‘having a seizure’

A man arrested for grabbing a female medic's private parts is no longer facing charges after CCTV showed he was having a seizure.

Aaron Cervantes Mejia, 52, was accused of groping the emergency worker and inappropriately touching her chest and crotch when she went over to help him.

The 32-year-old had been responding to a fire in the Bronx area, in New York City, when a member of public flagged her down to aid Mejia who had collapsed in the road.

While she was helping him, she alleged that he had tricked her into helping him so he could grope her and he was arrested shortly afterwards.

But Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark has since dropped charges after his office released a video showing the incident.

The four-minute-long video showed Mejia walking across the road before he suddenly fell to the ground.

Passersby flagged down help and the emergency worker rushed to help Mejia.

As she tended to him, Mejia appeared to reach up and grab her private parts, which caused the worker to immediately get up and move away.

She could then be seen telling a colleague what happened.

Clark said the footage clearly showed Mejia collapsing from a seizure, which proved that he was subjected to a “false narrative that spread quickly through the media and social media.

In a press release, the district attorney said the EMT worker moved Mejia’s hand away “without any assistance while covered in protective gear from head to toe,” and he “did not appear to have control of his hands."

“I will not tolerate assaults on first responders, who courageously serve our city, especially during this pandemic; and I will not prosecute anyone unless there is evidence to support charges,” Clark stated.

“After an intensive investigation, we have dismissed and will not charge forcible touching, sex abuse or felony assault on a police officer, firefighter or EMS professional, against Aaron Cervantes Mejia.”

The investigation included accounts from people who had seen Mejia have seizures before and said he would grab anything within reach when he had the episodes.

However, Union President of New York City Fire Department Oren Barzilay disagreed with the decision and said the district attorney failed to acknowledge the woman as a victim.Barzilay said: “In my view this video does not justify clearing him from assaulting our member. Not only is this EMT a victim of sexual abuse, she is now a victim of the District Attorney's office.”

He added that women know when they are being sexually groped and that the video “clearly shows the female EMT jumping back when groped in her crotch area.”

Clark responded by saying the video "speaks for itself.” Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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