Mom, 31, 'accidentally shoots her son, 8, while aiming at her husband during argument over him moving out'

Antionette Gina Corder, 31, was given a charge of aggravated assault against a family member in connection to the shooting incident on the 6500 block of Dunlap that happened at around 11.05am. 

Houston police shared in a press release that Corder and her husband had gotten into a verbal confrontation when she allegedly attempted to shoot the unidentified man. 

Instead, the mother is said to have shot her eight-year-old son in the upper left chest area. 

The boy - who has not been identified - was taken to a local hospital by paramedics and said to be in stable condition. 

Corder taken into custody at the scene and charged soon after.   

According to reports from KHOU, Corder and her husband had been arguing over him wanting to move out. 

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