Man 'kills step dad and stabs mum after they ask him to turn off video game'

Christopher McKinney had been asked by his mother, 66, and stepfather, 71, to turn off the games he was playing at their home so they could go to sleep.

In response the 29-year-old allegedly punched his mum in the face and hit his step dad, so the older man went to get a knife to defend them both. 

During the scuffle McKinney is said to have got hold of the weapon and turned it on his parents, during the horrifying incident in in Detroit, US,.

McKinney faces several charges relating to the incident, which happened at an apartment on the evening of December 11, according to Fox News reports.

Assault with intent to murder and obstructing and resisting a police officer could be upgraded following his stepfather's death from his injuries four days later.


Police officers reportedly found the accused covered in blood, in the hallway of the apartment building. 

Dramatic bodycam footage shows McKinney being arrested at the scene with a bloody face.

Madison Heights Police Chief Corey Haines said: "He punched (his) mom in her face breaking her nose.

"(He) punched stepdad several times, stepdad went and retrieved a knife from the kitchen to defend himself and his wife.

"(McKinney) somehow got the knife away from him and then stabbed his mother and stepdad."

"He was laying down in the hallway and he had blood all over him," Haines said. "There was blood everywhere -- all over the walls, the ceilings, the hallway.

McKinney tried to resist being arrested and spat at officers, and assaulted a fire lieutenant trying to administer first aid, police say.

The accused is being held in the Oakland County jail on a £377,000 bond .


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