Iranian Wrestlers Arrive in Ukraine

The competition will be held in Kiev from February 26 to 28.

Outstanding Ukrainian Wrestlers & Coaches Memorial will feature nearly 600 participants from 33 different nations.


57kg: Ali Gholizadegan

70kg: Erfan Elahi

74kg: Mohammad Sadegh Firouzpour

86kg: Amir Hossein Firouzpoue

92kg: Mohammad Ali Tabar


55kg: Sajad Abbaspour

60kg: Alireza Nejati

67kg: Danial Sohrabi

72kg: Mohammad Reza Mokhtari

77kg: Mohammad Ali Geraei – Amin Kavianinejhad

87kg: Ramin Taheri

97kg: Mehdi Bali

120kg: Amin Mirzazadeh

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