Nine Iranian nationals to enter Iran from Turkey: FM spox

Saeed Khatibzadeh broke the news on Saturday and said that the missing Iranian nationals will enter the country through the Razi-Kapiköy border crossing following the pursuit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iranian embassies in Turkey and Syria and embassies of these two countries in Tehran.

Nine Iranian nationals traveled to Turkey with the aim of migration faced problems during their trip to this country.

Iranian ambassadors to Turkey and Syria and also embassies of Turkey and Syria to Iran cooperated to help return these people to the country, Khatibzadeh emphasized.

In September of this year, some reports were released in some media outlets that nine Iranian nationals have been detained by Turkish police and handed over to terrorist groups in northern Syria.

It has been reported that these nine individuals were in Turkey with the aim of seeking asylum and after being detained by the Turkish government, they identified themselves as "Syrian Kurds" and that the Turkish government handed them over to the terrorist groups in Syria.


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