Iran not interested in direct contact with US

"Iran's request is realistic, and that is for the United States to lift sanctions and return to the nuclear deal. I do not see any other alternative," said Araghchi in an interview with the Italian newspaper of la Repubblica about Iran's request to the new US administration.

"We negotiated in good faith and acted in good faith to the JCPOA," he added.

"It is the turn of the new US administration to make up for the mistakes of the previous administration. They must lift all sanctions to return to the nuclear deal," he noted, adding, "We are ready to fulfill all of our obligations under the JCPOA, provided that the Americans live up to their commitments and lift the sanctions."

Referring to some claims about the secret contact of Iran with the US, Araghchi said, "We have not had any contact and we have no intention of doing so."

"At the moment, we have no interest in any direct contact and we think that the JCPOA is the right format and the talks should be done in that format," he highlighted.

"There will be no JCPOA Plus, no new agreements, no new negotiations on the JCPOA," said Araghchi about the covering of new issues, including Iran's missile program in the Iran nuclear deal.

"Iranian missiles are the only reliable defense tool for Iran, and there is no negotiation on this issue," he added.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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