WAYU holds conf. on US aims for Gen. Soleimani assassination

Many young people mainly from Turkey, Western Asia, Latin America, Europe and East Asia attended the conference. On the basis of organizations, the Patria Para Todos from Argentina, the Communist Party Youth from Switzerland, the Youth League from Bangladesh and the Workers Peasant Party Youth from Pakistan participated at the meeting. The conference started with the opening speech of WAYU Secretary-General Işıkgün Akfırat.

Later, Tehran University Faculty Member Dr Foad Izadi continued with his presentation. Izadi emphasized that the martyrdom of Qasim Soleimani did not weaken Iran, on the contrary, it made the Iranian nation more united.

Izadi warned, "all the oppressed nations against imperialism (eg Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh) must be united. In addition, WAYU's contributions to this union policy are very valuable. The imperialism today tries to create a conflict between Turkey and Iran. However, neither Turkey nor Iran will be caught up in this drive. If Turkey continues to act bravely, it will face embargos but solidarity between anti-imperialist countries will reduce the impact of that embargos. Today the cooperation between Iran and Venezuela is also an example of solidarity between Turkey and Iran".

Dr Foad Izadi ended his speech by giving the following three-point advice to the World Anti-imperialist Youth Union, “First, being an anti-imperialist is difficult, but conscientiously obligatory. Second, despite the propaganda of the imperialists, we anti-imperialists must equip ourselves with ideology. Third, we must be united or this monster of imperialism will grow even more."

The online conference has ended with Foad Izadis answering the questions of the participants.

The WAYU (the World Anti-Imperialist Youth Union), was established in Turkey in 2014 in order to unite the youth of the world without discrimination against imperialism and Zionism. Currently, the Unions General Secretary is conducted by Işıkgün Akfırat on behalf of the Youth Union of Turkey. WAYU, which also has members from Iran, previously visited Iran and announced that they stand by the Iranian people against US imperialism and Israeli Zionism. In addition, when General Qasim Soleimani was martyred, WAYU issued a statement saying that Soleimani became the martyr of all oppressed nations and sent a message of condolence to the Iranian nation.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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