10mn doses of vaccine to be injected in next two weeks

Addressing the National Coronavirus Combat and Prevention Headquarters on Saturday, Rouhani said, "More than 7 million vaccines have been injected and another two million have been distributed, which will be gradually injected."

Saying that one of the Iranian domestic vaccines has come onto the market, he expressed hope that the second and third vaccines will be available by the end of the government.

This week, 6 to 7 million doses of vaccine will arrive in the country, Rouhani said.

In total, in the next two weeks, about 10 million doses of vaccine will be available in the country and it will be injected in a few weeks, he added.

He also said that Iran has entered the fifth peak of Covid-19 in some provinces.

He urged that the schools and universities must be reopened by mid-September, stressing on vaccination of university professors and teachers.


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