Sweden's ArchFilmLund to host 3 Iranian titles

Iranian short experimental documentary 'Simulation of Mr. Yellow ' directed by Mahan Khomamipour narrates the story of a journalist (Shahrazad) who travels to her motherland (Syria-Aleppo) to makes reports for the media, in Aleppo a city which is destroyed in the war she meets an old Man all covered in yellow dresses. She gets interested in the yellow man and wants to make a report about him, but the yellow man doesn’t talk at all. So Shahrazad starts searching for a true story of this old man in the whispering of War-torn city.

It has won the Best Documentary Award at the Sheffield Short Film Festival in the UK.

Directed by Fatemeh Zolfaghari, 'Absence' tells the story of Azita and her fiancé who in the aftermath of the earthquake in late fall of 2017 in Sarpol-e-Zahab, killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands homeless, search through the ruins of their home, unearthing objects of their past. The harder it gets to retrieve their belongings, the more these items take on a new meaning as the couple risks their lives to retrieve the memories they've lost under the rubble and piece together the fragments of their identities they left behind.

'They' by Reza Abiyat has produced by deaf and shows the discrimination from a minority of almost one million, from beginning to end.

'They' is selected from more than 1,500 films as the best 20 films to enter the competition section of the festival .


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