Drone attack hits near US forces at Erbil airport

Some Iraqi sources, including Sabrin News, reported that a terrible explosion was heard near Erbil airport and the US military base.

A Kurdistan 24 correspondent quoted Erbil security sources as saying that at least three drones had attacked the US coalition base at Erbil airport.

Saberin News then reported that once again the sound of explosions was heard in the skies of Erbil, sirens went off warning of a rocket attack in the military wing of the airport and the US military base.

The Kurdistan 24 correspondent, however, further claimed that the three explosive-laden drones were targeted by the air defense of Erbil Airport and that the attack was neutralized before hitting the target and causing casualties.

Sky News reported that the flights to Erbil Airport have been suspended due to the possibility of further attacks.

Al-Jazeera also said that several missiles that were supposed to target the US coalition base crashed outside the airport.

There were no immediate reports of casualties. Witnesses said they heard at least six explosions in the area.

A large number of military and security forces have been deployed in Erbil and all roads leading to the airport have been closed, Saberinews announced in another news item.

"The attack on the airport has been repulsed and the area is safe," the governor of Erbil said in a statement. "We are closely following the attack on the airport."


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