New Documents Reveal UAE’s Covert Activities in Yemen

The documents and video clips, broadcast recently by Al Jazeera, covered the Emiratis' expansion on the Yemeni coast and focused on the Abu Dhabi-backed troops present in the coastal area.

The report revealed the transformation of Al-Mokha port, which is famous for the export of Yemeni coffee around the world, into a hub for the landing and loading of weapons, and its use as a military base.

The port is only about 40 nautical miles from Bab al-Mandeb Strait and about 100km from the city of Taiz.

The investigation also indicated that the UAE used the Emirati Red Crescent as a front for intelligence operations on Yemen's west coast.

The documents show that the UAE also established detention facilities on Perim Island, Zuqar Island and Bab al-Mandeb, noting that a special unit has been supervising these facilities.


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