Headlines of Iran’s Persian-language dailies on Feb. 11

Arman Melli

I take pride to nuclear negotiations: Rouhani

“Reza Attaran” named best leading actor in 39th Fajr Film Festival

Unlike previous year, Bahman 22 Rally marked across Iran outstandingly


Zarif warns US of closing window of opportunity

Sanctions did not stop Iran from progress and development: Judiciary chief

Massive turnout of people in 42nd Islamic Revolution Victory Anniversary celebrations


Government officials hail Iran’s resistance against sanctions


Amicable bonds between Iranian and Iraqi nations ‘inseparable’: Ayatollah Raiesi


Iran started COVID-19 vaccination

42nd victory anniversary of Islamic Revolution observed across Iran magnificently

FM Zarif warns US of closing window of opportunity over JCPOA

A new mechanism should be designed for accelerating Iran-Russia trade ties: Parl. Speaker Ghalibaf

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