Headlines of Iran’s Persian-language dailies on Feb. 7

Arman-e Melli:

Do not miss opportunity of reviving JCPOA: former MP Falahatpisheh


Rouhani says vaccination will start this week

Ghalibaf conveying a message for Putin


Rouhani: COVID-19 vaccination will kick off this week according to defined priorities

America put end to coop. with Saudi Arabia in Yemeni war

Production line of shoulder-launched missiles, solid fuel inaugurated


Iran joins club of five countries able to produce man-portable missiles

The isolation of prince in Yemen war’s whirlpool


America to offer incentives instead of returning to JCPOA and fulfilling commitments; chocolates instead of sanctions’ removal

Jomhuri Eslami:

41 former American officials call on Biden to return to JCPOA

America to remove Yemen’s Ansarullah from terrorist list

Zionist officials afraid of getting arrested in other countries


Countries that support ISIL prevent execution of Takfiris

Production line of advanced man-portable missiles opened

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