Iran-Pakistan coop. doubled with Rimdan border reopening

Referring to the importance of relations between the two countries, Abouzar Kosari said that with the reopening of the Rimdan border, economic and cultural growth can be witnessed, because Iran and Pakistan have long-standing historical, economic, and cultural relations.

In this meeting, the Consul General of Pakistan in Zahedan, for his part, expressed hope that with the reopening of the Rimdan border, the two countries will see the growth and development of relations more.

"The ground for cooperation between the two countries is ready in all fields, and with the reopening of the Rimdan border, which is one of the tens of capacities that can be activated, we hope that the growing trend of cooperation will continue more rapidly between two countries.

Rimdan-Gabd border crossing between Iran and Pakistan reopened on December 19 in the presence of high-ranking officials of the two countries.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.

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