Thug 'stabbed policewoman with pen as he vowed to kill her after being tasered'

A thug stabbed a policewoman in the face with a Biro pen as he vowed to kill her after being tasered, a court heard.

PC Alexandra Dobbs was attacked as she tried to handcuff Adrian Popa, 40, after officers were called to Edgware, northwest London on August 16 last year.

Popa, who was on bail at the time with conditions not to enter the address, was spotted in the garden by neighbours who reported his presence to police.

PC Dobbs was the first to arrive at the scene on Manor Park Crescent and found Popa snarling and refusing to stand still.

Officers tasered him but he managed to wrench free and charge at the policewoman saying: "Kill you."Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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