Mom, boyfriend accused of ‘violently abusing’ 8-year-old boy who was found unconscious in Texas hotel

Police accuse the couple of “violently abusing” the boy for at least 10 days before he was killed Friday in a hotel near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Irving.

Officers were dispatched to the scene that evening for a report of “an unconscious person” inside a hotel room, the Irving Police Department said in a news release. When cops arrived, they found Delmor Best-Curtis “lying on the bed unresponsive” and with “numerous injuries” to his body, according to the release.

Officers performed CPR to try to save the child, but he was pronounced dead upon arriving at a hospital moments later.

Police immediately launched a murder investigation and learned that the child’s mother, 30-year-old Leslie Curtis, had moved into the hotel in November with her son and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Codie McCrory. The couple had been dating for less than a year, according to police.

Authorities believe the boy was not attending school since the family moved to the hotel.

No additional details were available Tuesday as police said the investigation is still in the early stages.

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