2 terrorist bombers, an armed criminal executed in S Iran

The sentences of three criminals in Khash and Saravan areas in Sistan and Baluchestan province were carried out after legal procedures on Sunday morning.

According to the case file, "Hassan Dehvari" has been planning to kidnap citizens for the last three years, bombing in front of the first square of Saravan city governorate, bombing on the road of Saravan to Hoshak, bombing on Hamzeh street in Saravan, bombing on the road of Saravan to Aspich village, killing of law enforcement and security officers, participating in transferring the main members of the terrorist group from Saravan border to Sarbaz city and etc.

"Elyas Qalandarzehi" also carried out some terrorist and criminal acts such as throwing grenades at residential houses in Saravan city, throwing grenades near Saravan city governorate, detonating a police car with a roadside bomb in Dezak, participating in the explosion of electricity pylons in Saravan city border, and killing of two citizens named "Ahmad Dehvari" and "Reza Arbabi".

"Omid Mahmoudzehi" was executed for committing crimes such as participation in armed kidnapping, participation in the theft of several gold shops, assistance in some armed robbery of several houses, shops and gas stations, two cases of participation in the deliberate killing of citizens by shooting with an unlicensed firearm, participation in a shooting that resulted in the injury of several citizens, and etc. Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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