Cancer-survivor, 76, brutally kicked in head six times by thug in random attack

He was walking down the footpath when a scooter rider confronted the pensioner because he claimed he was in his way.

He then punched Mr Brailsford in the head, which knocked him to the ground, before he booted him six times in the head.

Mr Brailsford said he had to be carried by police officers to the ambulance due to the ferocity of the Attack .

He underwent a series of X-ray s to his arm and head, stitches had to be glued into his nose, and the attack also left him with broken Blood Vessels in his eye.

Speaking from his Bulwell home, Mr Brailsford told Nottinghamshire Live: "The attack was not life-threatening but it has been life-changing. I do have bad days that wipe me out.

"My nose is constantly dribbling and I get a head cold every day but I still go out on my three-mile run twice a week.

"The police have been very good and one of the police officers said they have never been involved in a public appeal like this.

"They think my attacker may have moved out of the area or kept his head down. But it has given me a phobia around scooters and bikes.

The pensioner hopes someone will recognise the description of his attacker


"It has made me twitchy. I want him caught but as time goes by I have concentrated on my health. The hardest point was when I was depressed. I was very low for a while.

"It was five months before I went out on a run. It hit me hard and it is only looking back I realise how hard it hit me. It was a battle all the way."

He said family and friends had lifted his spirits through some of his darkest days.

"I have found strength from friends and family. My ex-wife has been really good and people at Church .

"You have got to have an outlet. They must be bored to tears but it is about having someone on the end of the phone, even if it is just for a whinge."

Police had a number of calls of potential sightings of the offender in Basford after Nottinghamshire Live ran the first appeal, but no Arrest s were made.

A man matching the description was seen by multiple people on the street and the park surrounding Basford United Football Club.

Witnesses also said that he has been seen with a small brown dog which is believed to be called ' Chocolate '.

Police said there has been no progress on the investigation in terms of arrests despite lots of action to find the culprit.

police have now closed the case unless more evidence comes forward .


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