Jask Oil Terminal poised to export crude from Sea of Oman

Mohammad Meshkin-Faam made the remarks on Sat. on the sidelines of his visit to the construction stages of Jask Oil Terminal project and put the physical progress of construction of Jask Oil Terminal at 98 percent.

He reiterated that Jask Oil Terminal is fully ready to export Iranian crude oil from the Sea of Oman.

CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company evaluated the physical progress of this giant oil project both in onshore and offshore sectors ‘satisfactory’ and seized this opportunity to express his thanks to the industrious and hardworking construction teams who managed to construct this oil project at the terms and conditions of the sanctions as well as the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the experience and expertise in the implementation of offshore projects, the construction operation of this oil terminal was delegated to Pars Oil and Gas Company which shows the high capability of this company in launching oil project, Meshkin-Faam emphasized.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the CEO of Pars Oil and Gas Company pointed to the sending crude oil from the origin of Goreh to Jask by the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) in recent days, and stated, “According to the scheduled programs, we are ready to receive, transfer and load crude oil by export tankers from Makran coastal areas.”

With the start of crude oil exports from Jask in the Sea of Oman, in addition to reducing the number of tankers to load crude oil, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the opportunity to export oil with more security and more stability.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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