No. of Palestinian prisoners with COVID-19 increases again

The Committee to Investigate Palestinian Prisoners has announced an increase in the number of Palestinian prisoners with coronavirus, stating that several other Palestinian prisoners have been infected with COVID-19 in Israeli prisons, Al Yaum reported.

According to the report, the Committee for Investigation of Palestinian Prisoners also stated that so far a total of 190 Palestinian prisoners have been infected with coronavirus in Israeli prisons. Earlier, Zionist leaders had instructed prison officials not to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners until further notice.

The Committee for the Protection of Palestinian Prisoners said in a statement that increases in the number of coronavirus among Palestinian prisoners indicate the failure of the Zionist Prisons Organization to provide sufficient medical treatment and services to prisoners.

Recently, Islamic Resistance Movements of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement have issued separate statements, warning the Zionist regime of neglecting treatment of prisoners with coronavirus.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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