'Zol-Jannah' satellite carrier proves Iran's scientific power

He made the remarks in his meeting with the secretary of the Union of Islamic Associations of the Indian Subcontinent on the sidelines of Indian Ocean Defense Ministers ' Summit.

"Iranian youth proved that they do not spare any effort in acquiring science, knowledge, and technology and they have always been pioneers in achieving success," Hatami said.

He considered the achievement of advanced defense technologies in the field of ground, air, naval and defense, electronics and satellite launchers as a clear example of stunning progress in various fields, saying, "The Zol-Jannah combined satellite carrier is an example of Iranian youth's effort which proved the scientific power of the country."

Iran has successfully launched the Zol-Jannah combined satellite carrier on Monday which is equipped with the most powerful solid-fuel engine in the country.

The satellite carrier can be used on moving platforms and is designed to reduce costs and will be able to put operational satellites in orbit after research tests are conducted.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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