Check Out These Celebrity Cars – This Calls For a Special Kind of Car Insurance!




Stephen Fry – Bentley Continental GT, Est. £150,000


Stephen Fry is a talented man, and the way he has showcased them is admirable. His impeccable comic timing had had us in splits, and we enjoy every bit of his acts. Fry is a successful actor as well and has made an appearance in Jeeves and Wooster and A Bit of Fry & Laurie, both comedy projects. Making people laugh is the hardest thing to do on this planet. Well, Fry has managed to do just that.

Stephen has lavish choices in terms of four-wheelers. As far as we have come to know from his financial advisor, he has a stunning Bentley in his garage, which cost him something to the tune of £150,000. Going by his net fortune, shelling out the sum might have been a cakewalk for him. Aside from the Bentley, Fry also has an Aston Martin under his possession.


Steven Tyler – Hennessey Venom GT Spyder – $1,100,000


Rock legend, Steven Tyler, won the hearts of fans all over the world when he first rose to fame as part of the group Aerosmith. Known for his eclectic dressing sense and raspy voice the singer has had his fair share of substance abuse issues. Regardless of his questionable habits, the superstar is worth millions. He spent $1.1 million on Hennessey Venom GT Spyder back in 2012 but decided to put it on auction and made a loss of $300,000. He decided to donate the money to Janie’s Fund.  It is well known that Tyler donates many of his earnings to charities that provide safe houses and rehabilitation for drug addicts. He has become a motivational speaker to many addicts and has really changed his ways.


Conan O’Brien — Ford Taurus- $42,975


Conan O’Brien, 56, has seen an unprecedented level of success in his career as a TV host. Conan has been hosting several late-night talk shows since 2010 and is best known for being the host of Conan on TBS and Saturday Night Live. His riches also come from being a writer for the popular cartoon show The Simpsons.  There are speculations that Conan spent some of his millions on expensive plastic surgery, but what we do know is that he didn’t spend it on an expensive luxury vehicle.  The TV host chose a more modest Ford Taurus, valued at $42, 000. Although the Taurus isn’t a flashy sports car it can still be praised for being stylish and practical for everyday use.


David Beckham – Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe – $400,000


David Beckham is known for being one of the wealthiest and most successful football players of all time.  He announced his retirement from football a few years ago but continues to live a luxurious lifestyle with his wife, Victoria Beckham and their children. David continues to model for brands like Calvin Klein and his gorgeous looks and unique hairstyles are any man’s dreams. With a few smart business investments and financial planning, his net worth is now at $450 million equivalent to his designer wife’s net worth of almost the same. Beckham owns more than ten luxury cars including his favorite the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe which cost $400, 000. He had it custom designed having his football number ’23’ stitched into the leather interior.


Seal – Bentley Azure – $380,000


Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel also known as Seal. Is a British musician who has sold an impressive 20 million records worldwide. His first international hit song was titled Crazy and was released in 1991. Since his rise to stardom, the singer has gained wealth beyond his years and enjoys a luxury lifestyle. His riches grew not only materialistically but also personally when he introduced a family of four with ex-wife, supermodel Heidi Klum.  He gave his family a sweet ride to drive around the city with, a golden Bentley Azure which cost him $380,000. The special design has the look and feel of a vintage car with the comfort of a modern vehicle. His car collection doesn’t stop there. Seal also owns a Ferrari F430. Luckily his divorce to Heid Klum was smooth sailing, as they could come to an easy agreement not affecting his wealth.


Julia Roberts – Mercedes-Benz GL320, Est. $53,000


Ever since she was part of the movie, Pretty woman, nobody can get over Julia Roberts! She is very much an American sweetheart, and even though she is aging, she always appears young and lively. We cannot imagine her any differently! Roberts is a delightful actress, able to pull off the most challenging roles with ease. She has seen great earnings through her Hollywood ventures, and has a handsome bank account as a result!

Roberts’ car is a luxurious one. But it is also practical and comfortable, and so it ticks all the boxes for a family vehicle! Roberts also owns a modest Toyota Prius, telling us that she isn’t one for the flashy sports cars and drop-tops we see so many celebs splurging on. However, Roberts” home must be full of luxuries!


Check Out These Celebrity Cars – This Calls For a Special Kind of Car Insurance!

Caption 69-year old Richard Gere, looks better than ever. The handsome Hollywood actor who is famous for his roles in Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride and Chicago has dazzled audiences for many decades. He used his fame to influence fans and other socialites positively by becoming an outspoken human rights activist. With a net worth of $100 million, Gere has put a lot of money towards charities together with his own charity movement Tibet House. He didn’t give away all of his fortunes and invested in an Audi RS6 that cost almost $100,000. The car doesn’t look really flashy but it has excellent features to make sure he keeps his family safe and secure while driving.

Justin Timberlake – Volkswagen Jetta – $28,000

The 38-year-old pop singer Justin Timberlake took the world by storm as part of the popular boy band NSync in the 1990s. Being an ambitious young lad, he announced his retirement from the boy band and continued on an extremely successful solo career. Songs like Cry Me a River and Can’t Stop the Feeling are constantly playing over the radio reminding us of his stardom and talents. With a bank account running deep in the millions Timberlake can afford any luxury vehicle his heart desires. Yet, Timberlake has been seen driving a modest 2004 Volkswagen Jetta. Of course, the prince of pop wouldn’t only drive a Jetta. It is reported that he has a few Audis, a Jeep Cherokee and a Pontiac GTO.  Maybe he is keeping the Jetta to maintain a low-profile when driving around the city.


Kate Upton – Mercedes Benz SLS 6.3 AMG – $248,000

Kate Upton, 27, is an American model who rose to fame after appearing in a few steamy photoshoots for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. Her gorgeous looks landed her a deal with IMG Models. She has graced the covers of many magazines including Complex and Esquire. Upton is a relatively new driver but this hasn’t stopped her from purchasing a high-end vehicle that can go from zero to 100miles in only a few seconds.  In her car collection is a $100,000 Tesla Model S, which she uses for day-to-day activities like shopping. And a $248,000 Mercedes- Benz SLS 6.3 AMG that she uses to go to flashier events with husband Justin Verlander.


Hulk Hogan – ’69’69 Plymouth Road Runner, From $2945

Muscles, handlebar mustache, and plenty of charisma – of course, we’re talking about Hulk Hogan. Well, what better car for a former wrestling champion than a sleek Plymouth in a sizzling red! Hogan has a penchant for collectible cars, and his lucrative bank account supports his interests. So you can imagine the riches that lie in his garage!
Hogan’s fleet includes a Chevrolet Tahoe, a Dodge Charger SRT-8, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Nissan GT-R, an SRT Demon, a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and a classic 1968 R/T, among many more cars. Hogan’s garage will have any car fanatic’s jaw drop to the ground in astonishment!


Meghan Markle – Jaguar E-Type  $470,000

Before marrying into the royal family and becoming a duchess, Megan Markle created her own fortunes by acting in hit TV series Suits. The actress is known for being an activist and philanthropist and this was initially what attracted Prince Harry to her. Being a royal has its perks and she got the chance to purchase her dream car a $470, 000 Jaguar E-type. The vintage car that was built in 1968 was customized and modernized to befit a Duchess. Customizations included a left-hand drive alteration to fit her needs. Needless to say the blue exterior and sleek design fits her new royalty ways just perfect! When she is not being chauffeured all over the United Kingdom she enjoys driving herself in the Jaguar to and from events.


Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche 959 – $1.8 Million

Jerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian and actor who is known for playing himself in the self-titled sitcom Seinfeld. He also produced, co-wrote and starred in the 2007 hit animation film The Bee Movie.  His successful career earned him a massive net worth that provided him with a well-deserved luxurious lifestyle.  Also, giving him the much-needed cash to invest in expensive cars. Seinfeld is known for his love of Porsche cars, who once held the record of owning the biggest collection of Porsche vehicles. His collection of 150 cars is one third dedicated to Porsche. Including a one out of 337 made, Porsche 959, valued at $1.8 million. However, in 2016 Seinfeld auctioned off 17 of his cars for an estimated amount of $32 million and donated all the proceeds to charity.


Eric Clapton – Porsche 911 Turbo – $160, 000

Eric Clapton has made millions of dollars throughout his career. With beautiful melodies and tunes in songs like Tears in Heaven and My Father’s Eyes. These hits have provided him with countless amounts of fame and fortune to do whatever he wants with.
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It seems like cars are a rockstar’s best friend. Among other sports cars, Eric owns an expensive black ride; the Porsche 911 (997 series). It gives Eric the much-needed horsepower to speed around the streets of Los Angeles going from zero to 62 mph in just 3.4 seconds. Or he could just cruise along the countryside with the top-down looking cool.


Emma Watson – Cadillac Escalade, Est. $95,000

If you love chilling out on your couch and watching movies at night, then there’s no doubt that you know and pro ably love Emma Watson. She is an incredibly skilled actress that first caught our attention by being cast as ”Hermione Granger” in the Harry Potter franchise. She’s solidified her reputation and built up a name since then, and she has some ven bigger projects underway.
Watson has lit up the screens with her stellar performances in My Week With Marilyn, The Colonia, and in Little Women. She has seen handsome earnings all the while, which explains her many expensive vehicles in her garage. Of all her cars, Watson is particularly fond of her Cadillac Escalade, which cost her about $95K.


Jurgen Klopp –  Opel Insignia – $30,000

If there’s one man who lives a modest lifestyle, even though he has a big bank account, it’s Liverpool Football Club’s manager, Jurgen Klopp. When everybody around him is driving Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Bentleys, Jurgen keeps it humble by driving in a $30,000 Opel Insignia. The internet went crazy when it discovered that the multimillionaire owns a car that could be purchased by anyone on the scene. Although he doesn’t invest in expensive luxurious vehicles, he is no stranger to breaking the bank when it comes to home investments. Besides, Klopp has been an ambassador for the Opel/Vauxhall brand for the past few years. Opel is also Liverpool Football Club’s Official UK Partner. Something tells us that Klopp didn’t even have to pay for this modest but efficient vehicle.


Nicolas Cage – 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina – $3,600,000

Nicholas Cage is one of the biggest Hollywood stars that emerged from the ’90s. He received countless awards for his memorable performances in ’90s films like Leaving Las Vegas and City Of Angels. It’s unsurprising that with his fame came wealth. Unfortunately, the famous actor didn’t have any financial planning skills. And faced some financial difficulties due to tax evasion, in early 2000. By that time he has already collected a wide range of luxury and vintage cars. After this he had to sell many of his assets, leaving only ten cars in his fleet. Cage couldn’t let go of his favorite car, the white 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina, which has an estimated value of $3.8 million.


Nancy Sinatra – 1957 Thunderbird, Est. $50,600

The highly acclaimed Nancy Sinatra happens to be the daughter of perhaps the most influential artist of the past century – none other than Frank Sinatra. Frank gifted his dear daughter a vibrant 1957 Thunderbird, which she has held dear to her and close to her heart for many years. Nancy drove the car until 2013.
Nancy followed in her talented father’s footsteps, stepping into the world of stardom in 1966 with These Boots Are Meant For Walkin”. She wasn’t a one-hit-wonder though and decided to deliver hit album after another and also dabbled in the world of acting a bit.


Paul McCartney- C5 Corvette – $29,000

Whenever we think of the ‘60s there is one particular music band that comes to mind, The Beatles. The popular band consisted of four British guys who took the musical world by storm. Their music is timeless and can still be heard over radios to this day. Paul McCartney was part of the popular band and co-wrote many of their famous hits including Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and All You Need Is Love. Paul is still generating royalties from these popular songs and among other solo projects he has achieved unamendable success.  Paul always welcomes the paparazzi and has been seen waving at them from his C5 Corvette convertible worth $30,000. It seems like Paul will be driving this Corvette forever as he drives it regularly.


Kevin Hart – 1970 Plymouth Barracuda – $54,000

Kevin Hart is known as one of the funniest men alive. His witty sayings and sharp humor have made him a Los Angeles audience favorite, not to mention the world. Not only does he perform in his sold-out stand-up comedy shows but he has everyone in stitches with his performances in Jumanji and Get Hard.
Kevin’s multi-million dollar bank account gives him the freedom to buy whatever he wants. He’s known for flashing his diamonds but as a special gift he got himself a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda for his 40th birthday. The car is custom-made and can reach 60mph within 3.2 seconds. It’s fitted with a Hellcat V8 that produces 720bhp. Despite his successful career, it’s no secret that Kevin committed adultery and his wife divorced him 2 years ago. His party boy antics didn’t stop there and after a night of partying, he crashed his Barracuda. And the $53,000 ride was written-off.


John Goodman — Ford F-150 – $34,160

If you grew up watching the Flinstones, then you know how talented the voice actor John Goodman is with his acting being responsible for bringing the show to life. With the actor’s success in the Flinstones, he continued to secure a large array of voice acting in other animated films such as Monsters Inc. and Bee Movie. Due to the actor’s success, he earned himself roughly $65 million, which could buy him a Bugatti. Goodman, however, seems to have a simple taste in cars and has instead stuck to his trusty Ford F-150 which set him back an estimated $34,160. With Goodman now thinking about retirement, it’s unclear how long he will remain on our big screens, but it’s guaranteed that his work will continue to be a success.


Simon Cowell – Bugatti Veyron –  $1,700,000

Simon Cowell holds the title for being one of the richest men in the United Kingdom. He rakes in a $95 million annual paycheck from his various business ventures including reality tv talent shows. Not only does he produce these shows but he also acts as the very honest, and sometimes mean, judge. Seen as the maker or breaker of careers he has earned many royalties from signing pop groups like One Direction and Little Mix. Whom he discovered on shows like  The X factor, Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol. With a net worth of $550-million, Cowell can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.  His wealth reflects in his 25 luxury vehicles. The estimated total cost of his garage comes to around $15 million. His most prized possession is his $1.7 million Bugatti Veyron which sits alongside high-end Jaguars, Ferraris, and a Bentley.


Tom Hardy – Audi R8 Spyder – $160,000

Action movie star, Tom Hardy, is known for his portrayals of rugged characters in   Inception, The Dark Knight and Lawless. His obsession with supercars started at a young age and became a reality when he earned top dollars for his blockbuster movies.  Being surrounded by supercharged cars like the V8 Interception in Mad Max: Fury Road, it fueled his interests. With a net worth of $30 million, Hardy can give in to his obsession and buy vehicles to fit his action movie counterparts. He seems to love the Audi brand, adding a red Audi RS5 and a black Audi R8 Spyder to his car collection. The Audi R8 is fast and strong and expensive. It cost Hardy $160,000. If you were dating Hardy he would definitely pick you up for a date in style.


Sting – 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider – $40,000

Born Gordon Matthews, Sting is a singer that has made the world go round. With his raspy voice and talented songwriting skills, the singer of Desert Rose and band member of  Police won numerous awards and performed all over the world. His $300 million net worth contributes to a luxurious lifestyle of huge mansions and high-end cars. Ironically Sting produced a song named Stolen Car, but he has many expensive cars locked up under tight security. In 2002, Sting purchased a well-deserved 1969 Alfa Romeo in an off-white color. The star has been seen driving around the city with his wife in a bright red 2015 Mercedes Benz A45 AMG.  It’s evident that the star enjoys a luxury lifestyle and invests in properties and luxury rides.


Sergio Agüero – Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – $300,000

Being one of the world’s most famous football stars surely has its benefits. Sergio Agüero has been given the title of Manchester City’s highest goal-scoring player of all time. With 199 goals scored in test matches, the young football star makes more than $300 000 a week. He doesn’t let his huge bank account just sit there, he purchases toys fit for a king. This includes diamonds, expensive gadgets for phones and of course, luxury rides like the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso. Priced at $300,000 it’s an easy weekly payroll check for Sergio. He opted for the color black to seamlessly blend in with other cars while cruising through the neighborhood as if that’s possible. With a price range in that class, the Ferrari offers complete comfort.


Conor McGregor – Rolls Royce –  $350,000

Whilst training to be a plumber, Irishman Conor McGregor pursued his dream of becoming a boxer. He only trained part-time, but his trainers saw potential and through perseverance and a lot of knocks to the head, he became a professional MMA fighter.  Known as the ‘The Notorious Mystic Mac’ he palmed in endorsement deals from Monster Energy, Beats by Dre, Reebok and Bud Light. He made millions from appearing as a cameo in blockbuster movies and winning titles by fighting all over the world. With his huge success, he needed to purchase a car that matched his strong physique. His car of choice, the luxurious matte black Rolls Royce Dawn which cost him an estimated $350,000.


Jeremy Clarkson – Mercedes SL55 AMG, $132,433

We imagine that being one of the three hosts of a hit TV Series based on cars will place a lot of pressure on you when it comes to selecting your automobile of choice. If you haven’t watched Top Gear, then you have been missing out on some speed, comedy, wit, and plenty of awe in good measure!
Clarkson could have a selection of many vehicles, being a celebrity and all that, but his car of choice is a classic and sleek Mercedes SL55 AMG. It’s’s fancy, but not over the top, classic, but not old-fashioned and easy on the eye, but not too simple. We think the car suits him rather well! Unfortunately, it doesn’t belong to him any longer as he did sell it off to some lucky guy who now looks like a right gentleman every time he takes a drive in the town!


Pep Guardiola – Bentley GTX700 – $250,000

Football’s most stylish manager needs a stylish ride. Pep Guardiola spoiled himself with a sweet and expensive ride, the Bentley GTX700. The $250,000 price tag didn’t even make a dent in the successful football coach’s bank account, and he probably paid the price without blinking an eye. Arriving at work in a V-8 engine driven Bentley sure raises some eyebrows with his Manchester City team players, even much so that Raheem Sterling, went to buy himself the same classy vehicle. Guardiola is known for living in luxurious homes and apartment buildings, wearing designer clothes, and now driving a luxurious Bentley that can generate 530bhp. We hope that he locks this baby up under tight security.


Al Pacino – Lexus LX, Est. $89,655

There is no argument against Al Pacino being one of Hollywood’s greatest talents. Pacino’s rise to stardom came in one of the most dynamic and eventful decades in film history – in the 70s. Ever since the 70s, Pacino has been something of a legend and has been a prominent figure in show business. Pacino is a man with a systematic approach to acting, and his performances are gritty in a masterful way.
Despite being one of the most decorated actors, Pacino drives a rather modest car! He’s’s been spotted cruising around in a humble Lexus LX, costing about $89,655. The large SUV sports rather standard features, but the V8 engine packs a punch.


Woody Harrelson – Volkswagen Beetle, Est. $20,900

The famous Woody Harrelson accumulated his fortune with his appearance in Cheers as the character ”Woody Boyd”. Harrelson snatched up the prestigious Emmy Award for his performance in the hit sitcom, too. He later managed to alter his perceptions when I came to acting and took on roles in films like The Messenger, No Country For Old Men, and Transsiberian.
Harrelson is famous for being a laid-back type of guy, and his approach to most things in life adopts the same characteristic. This may be the reason he opted for a casual and a rather modest vehicle. The black Volkswagen Beetle, driven by Harrelson, uses biodiesel, supporting a greener lifestyle.


Rick Harrison – 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 10, Est. $18.995

Rick Harrison co-founded the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with his late father. His brother and his friend help run the place, and together, they all have a reality TV show that showcases the store’s daily happenings. If you haven’t tuned into this show before, you’re in for a treat when you do!
Rick also owns a bar and grill eatery in Las Vegas. In short, he is doing incredibly well on the financial front and has a growing car collection. Of his massive fleet of cars, he holds his 1940 Chevrolet Special Deluxe close to his heart. And why not? The car’s value goes up to $18,995. Of course, the vehicle is priceless, what with its sentimental value, of course!


Gwen Stefani – Porsche Panamera – $200,000

No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani is everybody’s favorite fashion girl and rock chick. Her well-deserved success with her music and fashion label, L.A.M.B, has earned her a net worth running in the millions. Gwen has expensive taste, not only in shoes and jewelry but also in cars. She has been seen driving in numerous luxury cars including a Porsche Panamera worth $200,000 and a Range Rover Sport. Gwen’s spending spree doesn’t stop there as she invested in a Mercedes-Benz SUV and a Quattroporte Maserati among other smaller rides. An impressive car collection, for sure. It is evident that her favorite car is the Porsche, with leather seating and a powerful engine fit for this rock chick.


Tom Hanks — Scion XB – $18,675

Tom Hanks is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors. Known for his voice acting of Woody in Toy Story 1, 2 and as well as his groundbreaking performances in Forrest Gump and Cast Away.  Hanks has achieved high acclaim and reached a net worth of $350 Million only a few years into his long-lasting career. Despite his fame and fortunes, Hanks hasn’t let it all go to his head. Remaining a humble and not-so-flashy individual. He purchased a modest Scion xB, which left a small dent of just $18,675 in his bank account. The Scion xB is a car associated with people who are on a budget. Hanks is definitely not on a budget, but perhaps he invests his money in other things like charities and business ventures, that we aren’t aware of.


Leonardo DiCaprio – Fisker Karma Hybrid – $135,000

The ’90s heartthrob, Leonardo DiCaprio, is known for his performances in blockbuster films such as TitanicRomeo and Juliet, and The Great Gatsby. He has been awarded many academy nominations and finally got his Oscar award in 2016 for his performance in The Revenant. Apart from his successful acting career, DiCaprio is also known for being an outspoken environmental activist. He uses his well-earned fortunes to fund Non-profit organizations and he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998. Being environmentally conscious has had an effect on his lifestyle, instead of choosing a fuel-driven car he opted for a friendlier option. The Tesla Roadster and the Fisker Karma Hybrid worth $135,000.  All of his vehicle choices are environmentally friendly and battery-driven.


Clint Eastwood – GMC Typhoon – $30,000

Clint Eastwood is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actors from the golden era. At the age of 88, Eastwood is still starring in films and it doesn’t look like he is slowing down any time soon. Most known for his Western films, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Million Dollar Baby, American Sniper and Million Dollar Baby Despite his age, Eastwood isn’t thinking about retirement and recently starred in The Mule. Eastwood has earned himself a healthy net worth and could show off his wealth by driving the most luxurious cars. However, the star surprisingly decided to opt for the low-profile GMC Typhoon. With a bank account running deep in the millions, it is humbling to see a famous star driving a $30, 000 car like the rest of us.


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