COVID-19 death toll exceeds 1.3 million across globe

According to Worldometer figures, 38,963,254 people have so far recovered from the disease.

The latest statistics on Wednesday showed that 55,943,189 people have so far been infected with the novel coronavirus globally, with the deaths standing at 1,343,379 and recoveries amounting to 38,963,254.

With 11,695,711 confirmed coronavirus cases, the US has the highest number of confirmed infections in the world. The number of infections officially reported in the country now stands at 8,661,722, while the death toll has hit at least 228,381.

India has recorded 8,912,907 million COVID-19 cases with death toll at 131,031.

Brazil comes in third place with 5,911,758 infections and 166,743 deaths.

The COVID-19 death toll in Russia surged to 25,242, and the number of confirmed cases rose to 1,463,306.

It is followed by Spain, Argentina, France, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the UK, and South Africa in terms of infection.

The hardest-hit nation in West Asia remains Iran, which saw the region’s first major outbreak. Some 42,461 people have died there from the virus, with 788,473 confirmed cases and 570,774 recoveries.


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