Missing girl, 15, found dead two weeks after she and friend ran away with man

A missing 15-year-old girl has been found dead two weeks after she and a friend ran away with man.

Kathryn McGuire and Haylie Vance, both 15, vanished from Painesville, in Ohio, on November 26.

While Haylie was found on Long Beach, California on December 4 - Kathryn was found four days later in Henderson, Nevada, where she was taken to hospital and sadly pronounced dead.

Haylie told police the pair had left home to drive to California with a 19-year-old man who was also reported missing.

The man has been named as Aaron Larkin and police are now investigating his relationship with the girls.

He is now being held in police custody but has not been officially charged with any crime.

In a string of Facebook posts from Kathryn's mother, she described how the youngster suffered from a heart condition and begged for her safe return.

In one post, the frantic mum wrote: "I am hoping Katie sees this omehow. Come home baby. I miss you so much.

"Come home to your own bed. I will buy you as many Takyi as you want. I am afraid ur not eating. You need your heart medicine.

"We have you guys missing in national registry. They are looking for you all over the United States.

"You guys will get pulled over and taken in. It would be so much better if you guys just came home.

"I can come get u no matter where you are. I can fly, drive. I just need you!!! It's like I am in a nightmare...plz help me baby!."

Police shared details of the group's disappearance on Facebook, saying they vanished when Aaron Larkin left the apartment he shared with his sister at around 7:30am on Thanksgiving.

Haylie is believed to have left her home around 3:30pm the same day and Kathryn left home between 3:30pm and 4pm on the same day.

It remains unclear how Haylie was separated from Kathryn and Larkin after the trio spent six days together in California , police said. 


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