Iranian, European doctors hold web meeting in Mashhad

The Secretary of the first international webinar of Iranian and European cardiologists said about the scientific event that "Razavi Hospital in Mashhad has hosted specialists related to cardiovascular diseases for the last three years, but this year the meeting is held through video-conferencing due to pandemic."

Dr. Mahmoud Shabestari added "Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this webinar will be held in two stages on the 8th and 22nd of Esfand (February 26 and March 12)."

He continued "The latest information and methods related to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases will be discussed in the webinar."

Shabestari said "Performing 12 surgeries online, eight of which will be performed in Iran and four in Italy, is another part of this webinar."

The webinar is attended by prominent cardiologists from Italy, Germany, Belgium, India, Switzerland, USA, Spain, Turkey and Iran.

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