US building airbase on Pakistan-Afghanistan border: report

Some Afghan media outlets reported that the United States is building a military base in Kurram District.

According to the media, the United States is building a military base in the Shalozan and Terminal areas near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Kurram District.

The United States has begun construction of a military base in Parachinar, the sources said.

According to local sources, 8 to 10 military helicopters fly to and from the Shalozan area daily, while locals are not allowed to travel. Checkpoints are being set up in Shalozan and Terminal.

Meanwhile, the United States is in talks with Afghanistan's neighbors to acquire military bases.

"The United States does not currently have an agreement with Afghanistan's neighbors to establish a military base, but it hopes to reach an agreement before the withdrawal of US troops," CENTCOM commander General Kenneth F. McKenzie told reporters April 4.

Pakistan's president and foreign minister have previously stated that they will not provide any military bases to the United States after the US withdraws from Afghanistan.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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