Tehran, Minsk emphasize developing artistic-cultural coop.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Belarus Saeed Yari in a meeting with Belarusian Culture Minister Anatoly Markevich on Thursday reviewed the latest status of cultural-artistic cooperation between the two countries.

The two sides reviewed the latest status of artistic-cultural cooperation between the two countries and agreed on a "roadmap" for cultural interactions and exchanges between the two states.

Emphasizing the potential capacities in different cultural-artistic fields between the two countries, including cinema, theater, film, music, books, and museums, they examined the executive strategies for increasing interactions between the two states in these fields.

Yari termed the reciprocal holding of "Iran Week" and "Belarus Week" in the capitals of the two countries an effective step for raising awareness and knowledge of people of the two countries from each other.

Referring to the cooperation of the two countries in the field of film production and Iran’s presence in the "Listabad Film Festival", Yari called for a stronger presence of the Belarusian side in cultural and artistic festivals in Iran, including Fajr film, music, and theater festivals.

Stressing that culture can bring peoples of the two countries together, Markevich emphasized the readiness of Belarus to develop cooperation, including holding "Iran Week" in Belarus.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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