Iraqi analyst worries over Joe Biden's plan to partition Iraq

Iraqi political analyst Firas Al-Amiri expressed concerns about the activation of a plan to divide Iraq in the wake of Joe Biden's presidency.

"If this plan is implemented, it will have serious consequences for Iraq and the region," he said.

"The Americans have violated all diplomatic norms in Iraq," Al-Amiri said, adding that the US embassy in Baghdad has become a major military base.

He stressed that the policies of the former US president caused a lot of damage to Iraq, at the top of which is the obstruction of the implementation of the Iraqi- Chinese agreement.

"Ending the American presence in Iraq will not be easy and requires an integrated decision," he said.

"We should not be content with just passing a resolution in the Iraqi parliament to expel American troops from Iraq," he said.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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