US transfers 70 ISIL terrorists to Syria’s Al-Tanf base

Local sources in Syria reported on Monday that the United States has transferred 70 ISIL terrorists from the prisons in al-Hasakah province to the Al-Tanf base.

The sources told the SANA News Agency that the United States has transferred the terrorists from the al-Thanawiya al-Sanaiya prison in al-Hasakah, which is controlled by Syrian Kurdish militants, to al-Tanf. The base is located near the Iraqi-Jordanian border and is one of the main centers of US troops in Syria.

According to the sources, the US forces in Al-Tanf are supporting the terrorists in the region and providing them with weapons and equipment, and the transfer of the ISIL terrorists is intended to serve the interests of the United States.

Al Mayadeen recently reported that US helicopters transfer ISIL prisoners from a number of prisons in northeastern Syria to US bases in Iraq in several stages and on a daily basis.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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