Cyberattacks Contradict Moscow's Foreign Policy Principles: Russian US Embassy

"We paid attention to another unfounded attempts of the US media to blame russia for hacker attacks on US governmental bodies. We declare responsibly: malicious activities in the information space contradicts the principles of the Russian foreign policy, national interests and our understanding of interstate relations. Russia does not conduct offensive operations in the cyber domain," the embassy wrote.

"What is more, the Russian Federation actively promotes bilateral and multilateral cyber security agreements. In this regard, we would like to remind our American colleagues of the initiative put forward by President Vladimir Putin on September 25 on a comprehensive program of measures to restore Russian-US cooperation in the field of international information security. We have received no reply from Washington. Many our other suggestions to start constructive and equal dialogue with the US remain unanswered," the Russian diplomatic mission said.

Earlier, press service of the US Department of Commerce confirmed to TASS information about the hacking of a computer network located within the National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

According to the Washington Post sources, hackers working for the Russian government are behind these cyberattacks. The newspaper did not provide evidence of these statements.


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