Iran pioneer in producing COVID-19 vaccine in region

Mostafa Ghanei said that the two countries of Iran and Egypt are the main countries that have the capacity for producing COVID-19 vaccine in the region and are working hard for producing the vaccine.  

Several types of coronavirus vaccines are being developed in the country, some of which have successfully passed the animal phase and others are near completion, Ghanedi added.

What is certain is that the country will begin human phase of one or two vaccines before the termination of the current year (to end March 20, 2021).

He further said that Iranian researchers, in tandem with other researchers in the world, are trying to make coronavirus vaccine and have so far gained salient achievements in this respect, Ghanei added.

In response to the question of when the coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccine will be available to the public, he said, “It is likely that Iranian vaccine will be available in the market by the early summer of the next year (to start March 21, 2021)."

Yesterday, Iranian Minister of Health and Medical Education said that four Iranian companies are busy active in producing COVID-19 vaccine and it is hoped that the license for human phase of the vaccine will be issued, he highlighted.


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