Global COVID-19 cases near 59m, deaths reach 1.39m

According to the latest figures on Monday, 58,985,500 people have so far been infected with the novel coronavirus globally, with the deaths having reached 1,393,671 and recoveries amounting to 40,766,904.

The US tops the list in terms of infection and fatality with12, 588,661 cases and 262,696 deaths.

India comes in second place with 9,140,312 infections and 133,773 fatalities.

Next comes Brazil with 6,071,401infections and 169,197 deaths.

In terms of infections, France ranks fourth (), followed by Russia (2,089,329), Spain (1,589,219), UK (1,512,045), Italy (1,408,868), Argentina (1,370,366), Colombia (1,248,417), Mexico (1,041,875) and Peru (949,670), the figures showed.

Iran remains the hardest-hit nation in West Asia, which saw the region’s first major outbreak. Some 44,802 people have died there from the virus, with 854,361 confirmed cases and 603,445 recoveries.



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