Musician who turned uncle's bones into guitar paints records with own blood

A heavy metal artist who rocks out on his uncle's skeleton has now painted record sleeves with blood.

Prince Midnight hit world headlines earlier this year by having his late relative's bones crafted into an electric guitar.

In what he believes to be another world first for any musician, Prince Midnight from Florida, US has been embellishing his records with blood from his fingers.

But he insists customers do not have permission to "clone" him using his DNA smeared over their musical order - even though he is keen on the idea.

Prince Midnight whose real name is Yaago Anax, told the Daily Star: "Owning one of my records does not constitute permission to do genetic research on me, attempt to alter my gene sequence or create a clone of me, when the technology becomes available.

"I am open to those things, but will require a standard formal agreement."

Denying it is all just a gimmick to sell records, the rocker says spilling his blood is a "symbolic gesture" which reflects his emotions of creating the record.

He said: "I sold all of the copies that I painted with blood as of this morning. It truly was not a gimmick to sell records but I could not find any artist who had ever embellished their records with their own blood.

"This is the first. I believe it is a powerful statement."

On Prince Midnight's website a 7” opaque blood red vinyl can be snapped up for $8 (£5.80).

It is described as the first vibraphone based heavy metal record presented in a thematic concept album of Prince Midnight and his 'time in the underworld'.

The process of safely drawing enough blood to illustrate and colour in sketches, took far longer than Midnight has initially planned.

"I thought it would be relatively easy, but less blood comes out that you’d imagine. I use insulin lancets meant for diabetics and I can get a couple drops every time I lance myself," he explained.

"It has taken a lot more effort than I initially anticipated. I thought it would take a night, it has taken weeks."

Using their own vital bodily fluid as an alternative to red paint is enough to make many people dizzy but for Midnight, it came "naturally".

He said: "Painting with blood isn’t that much different, as you are similarly diluting a colour source with water to achieve a darker or lighter pigment.

"The whole practice of painting with blood comes naturally, except the part where I have to stab myself over and over to get it."

While breaking his own skin in this instance is an expression of his own creativity, Midnight was keen to point out that the last thing he wants to do is to promote self harm.

He said: "I have had friends and loved ones struggle with self harm over the years, and it can be a vicious cycle to get into I would discourage anyone from performing such acts.

"For me, this is a symbolic gesture that physically substantiates the very emotional experience of writing and recording this record. I was deeply depressed, even before the pandemic began.

"I had played music my whole life but completely walked away from it for years, until my partner purchased a wooden xylophone for my birthday. I gave myself to the instrument, to the music, and it embraced me back and healed me.

"I wrote this record, in part, as an offering to the spirit that guided me through that period, and the blood used to paint these covers as an offering of a vital part of myself."

To get a glimpse of Prince Midnight in action, click here for his latest music video.

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