Stepmom and Aunt charged with killing missing 13-year-old, Sheriff's Office says

The Sheriff's Office says Williams was Delia Young's stepmom, and they lived together. They say Valerie was Delia's Aunt.

Court records show Williams will be charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child, child neglect, obstructing police and destroying evidence. Deputies also arrested 52-year-old Valerie Young, who they say is Williams' sister, and charged her with multiple crimes, including killing Delia.

According to the arrest report, Williams told detectives she was home on May 16th, and saw Valerie Young, her sister, beating Delia. According to the report, Williams asked the child if she needed to go the hospital, and she declined. The next morning, according to the report, Williams found Young dead in her bedroom. The report states Williams called her sister who came to the house.

"Both were upset and conspired a plan to dispose of the body of 13 year old, Delia Young," the arrest report states.

Detectives say Williams and her sister put the 13-year-old's body in a tote bag, and drove her to a home in Lacrosse, FL. According to the arrest report, Williams and her sister left the bag in a bedroom in the house. That was on May 17th, according to the arrest report. Detectives say Williams told them she returned to the home on May 18th, and found the bag outside the home and Delia's body gone. According to the arrest report, Williams said she burned the tote bag, because it linked her and her sister to Delia's death.

The Sheriff's Office says they continue to look for Young's body.


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