Yemeni forces have upper hand in Ma'rib

Sultan al-Arada Governor of Ma’rib in Yemen announced that tens of thousands of these elements have either been killed or wounded in the course of clashes between Yemeni forces and mercenary elements.

He said that Army forces and popular committee in Yemen are advancing in different directions.

In his speech, Al-Arada acknowledged superiority of Yemeni forces on Ma'rib front and said, “These forces are advancing in three directions towards the city of Ma'rib."

Saudi Arabia has withdrawn its forces from Ma'rib and the United Arab Emirates has also withdrawn its defense systems from this city, he claimed.

It should be noted that Yemeni resistance forces, in their latest advance on the Ma'rib front, have succeeded in taking control of a number of villages around the city of Al-Asdas, center of Raghavan district.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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