Carer calmly listens to classical music after trying to murder woman with pillow

A carer who tried to murder an elderly woman with a pillow was found calmly listening to classical music when he was arrested hours later.

Police bodycam footage shows the moment officers detained Barry Riley on suspicion of attempted murder for trying to suffocate the 75-year-old disabled woman.

In the video, he is sat at his desk with his arms crossed and the soothing music plays in the background as an officer explains why he is being arrested, YorkshireLive reports.

Riley, 62, was jailed for 11 years and eight months for attempting to murder Ann Skelton in a bid to cover up the fact that he had stolen more than £100,000 from her.

Mrs Skelton, who was unable to talk due to her condition and used a
 keyboard to communicate, died in hospital a few months after the
 attack at her home in Westbury on Trym in

A forensic post-mortem examination found no link
 between the attack and her cause of death.

Riley, from East Morton, West Yorkshire, provided care for Mrs Skelton, who had a degenerative physical
 condition, and he had power of attorney over her finances.

Bristol Crown Court was told Riley placed a pillow over her face on March 10, 2018.

She managed to press a buzzer to
 alert other care staff, who arrived to find her slumped over the side
 of her bed.

Mrs Skelton then told police how Riley had tried to murder her.

In the police video, Riley pretends he doesn't know why the officers are there, asking "What's going on?" as they arrive to arrest him.

An officer tells him: "We’ve obviously been speaking, I think it’s Ann downstairs, we’ve had a concern.

“Whilst we’ve been speaking to her, Ann has made some allegations and she said to us that last night in her bedroom you’ve been in there and tried to stop her breathing, ok?”

Riley opens his mouth but seems to be at a loss for words as the officer continues: “On the back of what Ann said I’m going to have to arrest you on suspicion of attempted murder of Ann last night.”

Riley then looks down, says "ok" and nods his head as he is read his rights.

He tells the officers he isn't from the area and asks if he can bring some of his belongings, such as his laptop, with him.

He adds: "From what you’ve just said, obviously, I won’t come back here.”

Riley was jailed on Thursday after being found guilt of attempted murder and fraud.

During his trial he lied and claimed Mrs Skelton wanted to die.

Investigating officer Det Sgt Craig Basil, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: “Barry Riley claimed he was carrying out a mercy killing because of Ms Skelton’s condition and he said she’d asked him to help end her life.

"Following a court hearing, his fabricated story was dismissed by the judge, who ruled that he’d gone to her room that night to kill her, and that his actions were at least partly to hide the fact he’d defrauded her.

“This was a cold and calculating attack on a woman unable to defend herself.

"The depths of his criminality knew no bounds and even on the day of the failed attempt to kill Ann Skelton, Riley went to the cashpoint to withdraw more of her money.

“I’d like to thank Ann’s family for having confidence in our investigation and providing us with their support through what’s clearly been a distressing ordeal for them and I hope the fact Riley has been brought to justice will help them to find some form of closure in the future.”Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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