Special constable, 69, bitten on arm as three others injured during arrest

Shocking pictures show the injuries suffered by police officers during an arrest - including a 69-year-old special constable who was bitten in the arm.

Greater Manchester Police released the images, and said a teenager had been detained.

He was one of six suspects arrested during a series of raids which followed a number of violent incidents in the city, and is claimed to have become aggressive with police.

The special constable has been volunteering throughout the Covid pandemic, the force said, while another officer suffered injuries to his leg.

In a statement police said four officers were injured while detaining a man following warrants across North Manchester yesterday which saw six men arrested in connection to recent violence in the area - including three alleged firearms offences.

The statement said the 17-year-old suspect said he was feeling unwell and was taken to hospital, where the officers were injured.

Police said: "Nine addresses were targeted during raids on Friday 12 February after a series of incidents in Harpurhey since the start of the month, including three confirmed firearms discharges.

"Six men - aged 16 and 31 - were arrested on suspicion of firearms offences and criminal damage; five of them were taken to custody and one of them taken to hospital after complaining of being unwell."

At hospital, the man being detained turned aggressive with officers and proceeded to assault the four of them.

Images show visible bite-mark injuries to two of the officers - one of who is a 69-year-old Special Constable who has supported front line policing throughout the pandemic.

The Special Constable required treatment to an arm injury and a Police Constable was treated for an injury to his leg. They have since been discharged from hospital.A police statement said: "The officers were left understandably shocked by what happened with two of them sustaining serious bite marks.

"Despite this they finished their shifts and will be back on duty for their afternoon shift later."

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of section 18 assault, section 47 assault, and assault of an emergency worker. He remains in custody.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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