New Yorkers tell serial killer suspect to ‘rot in hell!’ as he leaves NYPD station

“You gonna rot in hell, mister,” one woman yelled.

“Look at him! Look at him! He’s old! He’s old, too,” she gasped.

Gavin, 66, allegedly killed three elderly women in Brownsville Woodson Houses.

His first slay was in 2015, the second in 2019, and the third on Friday, the NYPD said in announcing his arrest earlier Thursday.

قتل سریالی

He was walked out of the 73rd Precinct Thursday night by two detectives — keeping his head down and saying nothing.

He shuffled his feet as if he, too, was frail and doomed like his alleged victims.

Gavin, who sources said has confessed to killing the women when they didn’t pay him, had eight prior arrests for burglary and criminal sale and possession of a controlled substance, cops said. The most recent was a 2010 possession of a controlled substance.

He was being taken to be booked and arraigned on the three murders, but NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said an investigation is continuing into whether that was the extent of his alleged spree.

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