Thug with machete attacks security guard refusing to let go of cash box outside TK Maxx

Police have released terrifying footage showing a machete-wielding thug attacking security guards during a spate of violent robberies.

Adrian Treleven and his getaway driver Remelle Stewart targeted Loomis and G4S workers transporting cash - but got away with nothing despite striking three times.

A court heard the pair first attempted to rob a security guard outside a TK Maxx, in Walsall, West Mids., on February 21 last year.

Shocking body-cam footage shows masked Treleven shoulder-barging the victim over as he was walking back to his van.

The guard refused to let go of his cash box during the struggle and a member of the public rushed to his aid to help fight the thug off.

Treleven and his getaway driver Stewart targeted Loomis and G4S workers
Treleven and his getaway driver Stewart targeted Loomis and G4S workers


Treleven fled in a stolen Ford S-Max driven by Stewart before the pair struck three days later at a Toby Carvery in Sutton Coldfield, West Mids.

The guard had just made a collection from the pub when he felt Treleven grab him from behind and haul him to the ground.

He held on to his cash box and managed to punch Treleven in the face who shouted at him: "Drop the box."

When the victim refused, Treleven ran to the car and yelled at driver Stewart: "Run him over. Run him over."

Stewart was caught on camera driving at the victim, who jammed backwards on to the van's safety ledge before the car hit the van and ploughed into his leg.

The yobs sped off as the guard - who said he had never been so afraid for his life - used the cash box to hit out at the car.

Finally, the men targeted a third guard who had been working at a Co-Op on Stafford Road in Huntingdon, Staffs, on March 10.

The victim's body-worn camera shows him lunging with an 18 inch machete and the victim was left with a deep gash to his arm.

West Midlands Police pieced together the movements of the pair using CCTV and mobile phone data and the pair were later arrested.

On Monday Treleven, 26, of no fixed address, was jailed for 14 years after admitting conspiracy to rob at Birmingham Crown Court.

Stewart, 18, of Church Vale, Handsworth, Birmingham, was jailed for four years after admitting the same charge.

The court heard he was under the control of Treleven, and was just 17 at the tim

e.Detective Sergeant Tom Frenchum, from the Force Priorities Team, said: "This was an appalling series of attempted robberies which left the victims in real fear for their lives.

"You can clearly see that as each attempt failed, they were becoming more and more desperate and so were resorting to increasing levels of violence.

"People working in the cash transport industry do a really important job and should be able to go about their work without being attacked, and these sentences reflect that."


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