girl, 7, has rotting arm amputated after ‘untreated wounds became infected from evil aunt’s savage beatings’

Shocked doctors in Russia diagnosed Aisha Azhygova, seven, with gangrene below her elbow after seeing burns, bites and knife cuts all over her body.

Aisha is now disabled and needs years of psychological help following the horrific, constant abuse she suffered from her aunt Makka Ganieva, 36, a court in Sunzha, southwestern Russia, heard.

The girl's shocking ordeal surfaced in July last year after her right arm horribly swelled and Ganieva, who was her carer at the time, had to bring her to a hospital.

Ganieva failed to explain the origin of the girl’s injuries and medics reported her to the police, reports Kavakazr in Russia.

The website explains Sunzhensky District Court heard that the injured girl was taken to a hospital in Nazran with burns, fractures and gangrene.

While in Moscow at the Paediatric Surgery Research Institute of Leonid Roshal, the dead part of her right arm below the elbow had to be amputated.

During the police investigation, Ganieva confessed to breaking her niece’s arm during a beating.

The girl was left to suffer for several days - until her aunt finally took her to doctors suffering from a raging temperature, and a "cold and lifeless" forearm, investigators added.

Further investigation revealed horrific details of the girl’s life during her stay with Ganieva, with the abuse happening on a regular basis over six months.

Stav reported that the aunt was a 'sadist' who had previously been convicted of stabbing a driver in the stomach during a road rage incident, leaving him seriously injured.

Reports say Aisha was regularly and cruelly punished for everything her aunt considered as the "wrong thing to do".

Ganieva subjected the girl to cruel torture, including pressing her against a hot stove or injuring her with knife and scissors, the court heard.

Prosecutor Maksharip Dobriev told local media: “Ganieva beat the girl up for any mistake from December 2018 until July 2019.

“As a result of the beatings, the girl suffered serious bodily injuries which led to the amputation of a part of her right arm.

“The accused was found guilty by the court.”

Ganieva was found convicted of grievous bodily harm with particular cruelty and sentenced to six years in prison.

Aisha’s mum, Lidiya Yevloyeva, had temporarily sent her girl, then aged six, to Ganieva’s family after facing financial difficulties, explains local media.

The mother, who thought her daughter would have a better life with her relatives, now deeply regrets her decision.

She told reporters: “The sentence is too mild. Aisha suffered from long-lasted abuse and severe psychological trauma.

“Her physical condition is still not well. She needs years of rehabilitation.”

Ganieva, who is a mum-of-two, never hurt her biological children, according to her neighbours.

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