Iran delegation visit Russia over rejection of agri. products

Mohammad Javad Askari, the head of the Iranian parliament's agricultural commission provided some elaborations on the recent news raised over the export of Iranian agricultural products to Russia.

Askari said an Iranian delegation has traveled to Russia to resolve the issues that had a hand in the rejection of Iranian agricultural products from the country.

After harvest, most agricultural produce should be quarantined for a specific period for pesticides to naturally become less harmful.

According to him, the reason behind the rejection of products was the existence of an unknown kind of pesticide.

He also noted that the related problems are being solved and Iran will export its products to different countries soon.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Iranian Ambassador to Moscow said that the trade exchange between Tehran and Moscow has had a remarkable development in recent years.

Iran exported $775 million of products during the first ten months of 2021, which is a record in recent years, the ambassador noted.

Russia's imports from Iran have witnessed a 122 percent growth during the mentioned period, he added.

Fish, flowers, fruit, dry fruits, etc. are among Iran's agricultural exports.


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