According to Rouhollah Latifi, the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, the country’s trade witnessed a $641-million, or 9.4%, growth during the twelfth fiscal month (February 20 -March 20) compared with its preceding month.

The IRICA spokesman noted that Iran's exports accounted for $3.33 billion and imports constituted $4.13 billion during the month under review.

According to Latifi, China was Iran’s main export destination with 2.07 million tons of goods worth $855 million.

It was followed by Iraq with 1.57 million tons of imports from Iran worth $516 million, the UAE with 1.3 million tons worth $454 million, Turkey with 422,000 tons worth $281 million, and Afghanistan with 571,000 tons worth $199 million.

The top five exporters to Iran during the period under review were the UAE with 551,000 tons worth $1.2 billion, China with 301,000 tons of goods worth $965 million, Turkey with 436,000 tons worth $506 million, Germany with 97,000 tons worth $172 million and India with 99,000 tons of goods worth $138 million.


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