Snapback mechanism must be omitted in future

Stating that in the conditional approval of the JCPOA, Leader of the Islamic Revolution had set the conditions and requirements for implementation that some of these conditions were not fulfilled, Ali Akbar Velayati in an interview with KHAMENEI.IR said, "What the Leader identified, some of it was done and some of it was not done."

"However, if those conditions had been met, the course of events in relation to nuclear activities would have been different," he added.

Referring to the Leader's dissatisfaction with the inclusion of the snapback mechanism in the JCPOA, Velayati said, "From the beginning, the Leader was not satisfied with the issue of the snapback mechanism, and it was done against his will."

"The snapback mechanism must be omitted as an irrational term in any possible future negotiations," he stressed.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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