Banning US vaccine import not to be termed political issue

Speaking in an interview with Mehr news agency on Wed., he stated that banning to buy and import COVID-19 vaccine from US and UK is completely ‘scientific’ and this issue has nothing to do with the political dispute between Iran and the United States.

Turning to the practicality of instructions of Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarding the prohibition of buying coronavirus, COVID-19, vaccine from the United States, Mehbahi Moghadam added, “The constructive instructions raised by Leader of the Islamic Revolution for not importing COVID-19 vaccines from the US and UK as well as from France indicate a lack of confidence in the vaccines produced by these countries.”

Apparently, these countries intend to use Iranians as a sample for testing their vaccines, so that Iran will not be considered as a venue for testing these vaccines, he said, adding, “The issue is a completely scientific and expert view and has nothing to do with the political disputes between the two countries of Iran and the United States.”

In his remarks on Fri., Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the lack of success of the United States in containing the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and stated, “COVID-19 outbreak in the United States claims lives of 4,000 people daily, so that it is logical not to import COVID-19 vaccine US and UK.”

Shortly after the Leader of Islamic Revolution announced banning to import COVID-19 vaccines from US and UK, Persian-speaking media outlets such as Persian BBC tried to induce the order ‘impractical’ in line with the political disputes between Tehran and Washington.

In this line, Spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh revealed the news of negotiation of Iran with China and India with regard to purchasing COVID-19 vaccine as well as joint cooperation with Cuba for producing corona vaccine.Follow the Official Rokna NEWS Telegram Channel For More and fresh NEWS.


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