Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Ruhollah Motafaker Azad, hailed the successful experiences of Iran in the field of producing vaccines and said, “We should all support the Iranian Covid-19 vaccine.”

“Our scientists have always proven that they are at the forefront of science in the world”, he said, adding that, “As the country has been self-reliant in the most difficult conditions of sanctions, therebefore, we can rely on our domestic capabilities in producing Covid-19 vaccine.”

Answering a question over purchasing vaccines from Western countries, he said that the Iranian nation will never forget the sabotages of western countries against Iran in the field of medicine and medical equipment, time will prove what a great success the Iranian nation and scientists will achieve in this field.

It is worth mentioning that Iran monitors all the vaccines in the world, the Iranian lawmaker said, reassuring that the Iranian Parliament and Government spare no effort in terms of the vaccine and to ensure the rights of the Iranian people in terms of health security.

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